Clutch Nutrition raise capital in Denmark's "Løvens Hule" (Shark Tank) TV show


We can hardly contain our excitement 🙌

We have received the wildest and most fantastic response from you after our participation in "Løvens Hule" on DR1 last night, where we presented our functional drink. It's hard to describe how incredible it feels to see our vision and mission take shape and be recognized by so many people. After many years of hard work, perseverance, and love for our invention, it now feels like we are on the path to something greater.

A new chapter has started on our journey, and with your support and backing, we are ready to take the leap and continue pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams. We promise to continue pushing the boundaries of intelligent and socially beneficial nutrition. We are grateful for Jacob Risgaard and Christian Arnstedt's support and investment in Clutch Nutrition. It means a lot to us that experienced investors believe in our vision.

Thank you to everyone who followed "Løvens Hule" on DR1 and our journey so far, and thank you for your forward-looking support and backing. We can't wait to continue inspiring and making the world a smarter and healthier place 🧠🌿

Best regards,

Martin and Rune

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