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We're proud to partner with a wide range of stores who share our commitment to providing healthy and innovative products to their customers. Check out our list of partner stores where you can find Clutch Mindset ready to be picked up and enjoyed:

  • At all Q8 petrol stations in Denmark

    Fuel your car and your brain at the same time. Get an ice cold Clutch from the fridge of your nearest Q8.

  • At all føtex Food stores in Denmark

    Get Clutch Mindset in all "føtex Food" stores. Mostly scattered in the capital area of Denmark, but also present in Odense, Aalborg, and Aarhus.

  • At Salling Super (Aarhus) Denmark

    Get an ice cold Clutch in "Salling Super" supermarket in the flagship department store of Salling located in Aarhus.

  • At Helsebixen

    Get your hands on Clutch Nutrition's products at Helsebixen, the online health store offering a range of nutritious options for a healthier lifestyle.

  • At (online only)

    Put a Clutch Mindset in your basket when you are shopping online at Denmark's largest beauty, personal care and health products retailer.

  • At all LIDL in Denmark

    Find Clutch Mindset on the shelves of all LIDL stores. Limited to certain periods.

  • (Limited spot) At all Netto stores in Denmark

    Find Clutch Mindset in one of the 500 Netto stores scattered across the country (spot deals - periodically).

  • Delivery within 30 minutes from Wolt Market

    Get a Clutch Mindset within minutes if you are lucky enough to live in a city with Wolt Market - currently in the capital area, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.

  • online supermarket

    Elevate your day with Clutch Mindset - now also available at

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